ПродукцияПодошвоформовочный пресс

QF-902 Подошвоформовочный пресс

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QF-902 Подошвоформовочный пресс

QF-902 Подошвоформовочный пресс

1. Adopting oil hydraulic design, the machine has enough high pressure to make a firm and solid adhesion. 

2.The toe of shoe adjusted automatically. 

3.Lady shoes can be attached to any size of heel height 

4.Man shoes can be attached to any size.


  Model Packing Size   Dimensions(LWH)    Production Weight Power       Oil pressure
QF-902 850*1200*2000mm  800*1160*1920mm    2500-3000Pairs/8hr 850KG 2HP  25-30kg/cm2

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